William Prioriello

Software Engineer

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About Me

I've been programming since the age of six and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Development is a passion that has developed over many years and it keeps on growing as I learn more. I am filled with happiness and pride when I see that my contributions are helping a business run more efficiently.



Software Engineer

Travel security software, (stack: React, TypeScript, Meteor, Java)

  • Clarify requirements
  • Develop new travel security software from scratch in React, TypeScript, Meteor


Software Engineer

Vehicle insurance software, (stack: AngularJS, Java, MySQL)

  • Develop new features and fix existing bugs in Java/JavaScript
  • Migrate new customer data from NoSQL to SQL databases
  • Write SQL stored procedures and queries

Longbow Advantage

Software Engineer

Supply chain management software, (stack: MEAN)

  • Migrate and process customer data from one server to another in python
  • Develop new features and fix existing bugs in full-stack JavaScript


Software Engineer

Utility company customizable software, (stack: JavaScript, Java EE/Spring)

  • Develop new features, fix existing bugs, and write unit tests in Java/JavaScript

Dawson College

Freelance Software Development

Student phone application, (Native Android development)

  • Clarify requirements
  • Develop a native (Java) Android application for students


Concordia University

2013 - 2018

Bachelor of Computer Science

Dawson College

2011 - 2013

Pure and Applied Science

Vincent Massey Collegiate

2006 - 2011

High School



Multiplayer web-based card game called Briscola (JavaScript)

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Enforce proxies onto any application with SSH Tunnels (Python, linux only)

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Chrome extension to discuss youtube videos which have their comment section disabled

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LAN messenger

Simple LAN messenger (Java). Proof of concept

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Election on the Ethereum blockchain

Political Election on the Ethereum blockchain (Solidity)

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Bird Flight Simulator

A multithreaded flock flight simulation using the Boid Algorithm (C++)

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